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Dance Star Mickey Earns Collectible Status

Dance Star Mickey would like to remind all his amazing friends and followers that he is celebrating another great year as leader of the animated Mickeys. After breaking the Dancing Mickey mode two short years ago, we have seen other dancing Mickeys come forward to try to steal the crown, however, they don’t compare to Dance Star Mickey’s charisma, charm and talent. Rock Star Mickey was a real crowd pleaser last year, and of course, this year Master Moves Mickey charmed Mickey lovers with his 360 degree turns and his famous hand stands. However, Dance Star Mickey is still hard to get, always in short supply and is a true piece of Disney Magic. Here at Dance Star Mickey headquarters, we are seeing a renewed interest and demand surge to purchase Dance Star Mickey. He has become a collectible Mickey that appears to be more popular as time goes by.

Viewing all the You tube videos featuring Dance Star Mickey and the kids shows how the magic comes alive with Dance Star Mickey. Purchase him now for an upcoming birthday, special event, or just to collect. Dance Star Mickey is a star-studded Disney wonder!

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Creating quite a buzz from the annual 2013 New York Toy Fair is Disney/Pixar Monsters University Collection. Disney’s creative geniuses have managed to steal the show with their introduction of Disney/Pixar Monsters University Collection. These dynamic characters are unique, imaginative and interactive. We are just blown away by the originality of each and every character and their ability to react to sound and motion. Characters are stars from the beloved “Monster’s Inc.” movies and have captured the hearts of kids all over the world. The interactive capabilities of each character will give your child hours of educational and creative fun. Dance Star Mickey wants you to be sure to check out all the latest and greatest new toys that will be on the runway later on this year. Check back often to discover what Dance Star Mickey has up his sleeve for 2013. You can bet that there will be breaking news right here about innovative, original and state-of-the-art toys being created for release in 2013.

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Disney’s all new M3 Mickey is sure to be one of the top toys for 2013. Master Moves Mickey-M3 Mickey for short-is a real show stopper with all the dynamic moves and grooves only seen in Dance Star Mickey and Rock Star Mickey. Don’t wait M3 Mickey is every little one’s favorite mouse!


      • M3 wows his audience with 360 spins and signature handstand, the Windmill
      • M3 has 8 original tracks to share with you
      • Master Moves Mickey has over 15 dance moves to groove along to the music
      • Encourages energetic movement and learning through 4 action-packed dance lessons
      • Squeeze Mickey’s nose to switch songs and moves and to activate interactive dances
      • Check out some of Dance Star Mickey’s Favorite Toys for 2013!
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    Fisher-Price Disney’s Dance Star Mickey-On Sale Now-$49.99-Ships Free!

    Dance Star Mickey’s Wild About Master Moves Mickey!
    Dance Star Mickey
    sheds some light on the all new Fisher-Price M3 Mickey Mouse, or Master Moves Mickey. Dance Star Mickey was on hand  at the famous New York Toy Fair where he met M3 Mickey. To quote Dance Star Mickey, “M3 Master Moves Mickey just blew me away!” He was overheard whispering to Minnie Mouse that M3 Mickey has the moves like Jaggar. One source even said that Dance Star Mickey was seen going into a famous dance studio to beef up his repertoire of dance moves. We can only imagine M3 Mickey’s success! Dance Star Mickey, Rock Star Mickey and all the other Disney favorites will keep their ear to the ground for news about Master Moves Mickey.

    Check out Fisher-Price Master Moves Mickey now! M3 Mickey has some CRAZY MOVES!

    Dance Star Mickey-Rock Star Mickey-Master Moves Mickey!

    Let the Mickey Dynasty Continue…….

    Fisher-Price Disney’s Dance Star Mickey broke on the scene in 2010 and set the world on fire with his funky, interactive and creative dance moves. Rock Star Mickey rocked our 2011 holiday season with crazy music and a wild guitar. Now, we are simply in awe over the all new, fresh, and quirky Master Moves Mickey, or as the insiders call him “M3 Mickey”. M3 Mickey is original, interactive and has dynamite moves that absolutely stun both Dance Star Mickey and Rock Star Mickey.

    All the very latest news and moves from Master Moves Mickey, or M3 Mickey is available right here as the trifecta of Mickeys unfold. M3 Mickey is a real hoot! He can do 360 turns, handstands, and claims 15 original dance moves. He is interactive, and has his own brand of Mickey humor….”I’m so cool my ice cream doesn’t even melt”. M3 Mickey is available right now right here. M3 Mickey is sure to be a real hot scorcher of a toy this year!


    Dance Star Mickey’s Educational Tips for Mom-Feb.

    These little thoughts will be short and sweet…but meaningful and based on solid educational research.

    1. Placing your 3 or 4 month old on the floor, have them kick or bat at objects.
    2. Recite nursery rhymes to your child beginning at birth.
    3. Show your 12 month old how to stack 2 or 3 blocks (grab and release block).

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    Dance Star Mickey-Who is this M3 Master Moves Mickey?

    Dance Star Mickey has recently been approached by several Disney fans and asked, “Just who is this new Fisher-Price Master Moves Mickey?” We are all dying to learn more about him and more than willing to camp out all night and wait in line just to get our hands on this latest Disney Wonder. Dance Star Mickey assured us that his fans will be the first to know just when and where M3 Mickey, as his Mickey Mouse friends refer to him, can be purchased. Dance Star Mickey’s sources have said that M3 Mickey should be available sometime in August. We just can’t wait! Stayed tuned right here for all the latest M3 Mickey news and views.

    Dance Star Mickey’s Attitude Excites 2012 Shoppers

    Get the very latest Dance Star Mickey news and the lowest online prices for all Disney and Dance Star Mickey Plush Toys! Shoppers for Dance Star Mickey have found him dynamic, electrifying, and down-right irresistible! He has an attitude that just won’t quit. Dance Star Mickey has proven his excellence again this holiday season with vigorous sales and very happy kiddos. He is one of the only Mickey toys that totally swept the market this year. His sales went through the roof. No big surprise here…..Dance Star Mickey slays his competition with personality, style, and charisma. He can dance, sing, and energize the crowd with a flip of the switch. Dance Star Mickey Mouse aims to please even the most reluctant mouse lover. Don’t waste this buying opportunity for Dance Star Mickey. He would make the perfect birthday gift or Easter Bunny surprise. Kids just adore him and can’t wait to move with the mouse.

    Dance Star Mickey
    is the perfect toy for toddlers to preschool age kids. At our house-a day without Dance Star Mickey is a day without sunshine! So, get your little munchkins a Dance Star Mickey today!

    Dance Star Mickey’s Attitude Excites 2012 Shoppers!

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    Disney’s Best Animated Toys

    With Disney’s Dance Star Mickey’s mega success this past year, and Disney’s new Rock Star Mickey planned for release in September, I thought it might be fun to explore a few of the very best Disney animated toys. I began this treasure hunt by thinking about all my favorite Disney characters and began researching exactly what was out there in the form of Disney dancing toys, Disney singing toys and Disney dancing and singing toys. It has been great fun and I have come up with some very exciting,educational, and entertaining Disney toys that will certainly enhance and stimulate learning.What’s your favorite Disney toy? Let me know by going to my contact page. Your favorite may be featured next time!

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    Dance Star Mickey and Rock Star Mickey-Our Little Dancing Dudes!
    Disney’s Dance Star Mickey
    drew global attention as the wonder toy for 2010 and continues to literally stun retailers with his continuing popularity. Fisher-Price Dance Star Mickey was introduced at the 2010 Toy Fair and immediately Dance Star Mickey spoke to all those little Mickey lovers. Jump to Toy Fair 2011 and we were totally mesmerized when Fisher-Price introduced Dance Star Mickey’s favorite rockin’ dude Rock Star Mickey. Disney’s Rock Star Mickey Mouse is a little bit edgy and totally cool. Dance Star Mickey and all his buddies just can’t wait. Disney toys are the best!

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